My ‘current-&-enduring’ passion and mission, is to help bring as much information into circulation as possible – related to <Spritual, Cultural, Linguistic> Tribal Preservation and Honor of historic and modern day Native America.

By using the electronic media including but not exclusive to;Image photography, translated languages/linguistic characteristics, arts and crafts, archeologic, story-telling, music, etc., I hope to fulfill what I consider a personal responsibility-one taken with complete sincerity yet humility as well.

Maintaining a sense of  ‘pride & honor’ related to my Lakota [called by common «non-Native name-Sioux] Heritage, with on-going reaserch into the wisdom passed down among generations of the ‘People’, we find that Tribal Elders <Grand-Fathers & Grand-Mothers> gladly accept their solemn responsibilty to teach -within their time remaining on this the ‘Red Path’- Seven (7) generations of young people the ‘TRUE WISDOM & ABSOLUTE BENEFIT OF REMAINING FOREVER SPIRITUALLY BALANCED AND FOLLOWING ONLY THE ‘Good Red Road’.

As with most persons, and particular to a ‘general precept of most Native Peoples’, one’s spiritual faith is a deeply personal aspect of being <what can be called-the 7th Direction>.

I do not claim the wisdom, the ability, the justification for, nor do I desire or intend any ‘judgement’ of anothers’ actions. I can only ‘humbly’, yet with resolution of purpose and keeping a standard of diligence in accuracy pass along those elements of ‘wisdom’ which I have learned and continue to learn. I <without any hesitation> proclaim that my personal Faith in a Single and Awesome ‘Holy Creator’ of All, which has provided a perspective in line with that of the Great ‘Black Elk’.

One of the [few] survivors of the «Wounded Knee» massacre, as a young warrior, embarked on a ‘Vision Quest’ later in life. He recieved and was taught through that Vision Quest, a quite [at the time] unique truth which he held to and taught with vigor for his remaining days. He found the ‘CONNECTION’ between the Lakota Spiritual Ceremony of ‘The Ghost Dance’ and the ‘Messiah’. Belief in, and living by proclaimation of The ‘Messiah’ of the Christian Faith (Jesus Christ), is – according to the laws of that faith – the single and necessary method of gaining an eternal life in the presence of God, «Waken Tanka», The Creator of All.

Iff <logically deduced> ‘The Messiah’ concept as related in the Lakota ‘Story’ of the ‘White Buffalo Woman’ holds no real contridiction or attempt at negating, while indeed maintaining similar and even exacting crucial aspects, there can be no fundamental differences to preclude Native American Sprituality from being accepted as ‘legitimate’ even in concert with the ‘Christian Faith’. Certainly our One Creator would by His Very Purpose, be shown true ‘Worship and Praise’, by ‘Connection’ of His Creation rather than divisiveness.

Can it serve any purpose to allow simple ‘terminology differences of the same concept’ to bring about seperation, intolerance, even biotry of the actions and partcipation of individuals?

In my most humble opinion, and based on my experiences within areas of archeology, Spirituality [participating in Christian & Native Spiritual Ceremony] that’s ‘IN FACT’ All of ‘Mankind’ are Created as and by the One. What ‘Black Elk’ recognized and taught is that the ‘TRUE SPIRITUAL BALANCE OF THIS «Mother Earth» is impossible to achieve without RECOGNIZING the NECESSARY AND URGENT – Peaceful CONNECTIVITY, Understanding and Tolerance in terms of Spiritual & Cultural ‘sameness’, AMONG ALL PEOPLE.