Lexington, N.C., 27295, U.S.A.

Bio: I have been interested in helping young people "learn"-&-ENJOY Learning for as long as I can recall. I have most recently [for the past 5 years] been associated Archeology Program focusing on Native American Cultural artifacts and lingustic preservation with primary association through the Catawba Indian Nation-Reservation-Cultural Preservation Program, honored to know and learn from people at the level of Dr. WYNNONA HAIRE [Director: CCPP-Catawba Cultural Preservation Project], BECKEE GARRIS and Ronnie Beck, Youth Leadership, Cultural-Ceremonial-Project Coordinator. My personal 'heritage' of 'Lakota' origin, was somewhat "left behind" for a large part of my adult life-only connecting with and increasingly finding "Personal PEACE" through my association and honored with being 'titled' as Native American Coordinator, with responsibility to the Osceola United Methodist Church-Rock Hill, South Carolina United Methodist District. My formal education is completed with an M.B.A. earned at Wingate University in 1997. I have completed a forty year career spanning «Formal & Informal training» and work  in the fields of EMERGENCY AND SURGICAL Medical CARE, as well as the "broad area" encompassing Information Technology. FORMAL EDUCATION INCLUDES PREVIOUSLY INDICATED POST-Graduate and Graduate accomplishment including; Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Associate of Arts with emphasis on Psychology, Socialogy, Statistics, Accounting and Economics. MY TRUE PASSION IS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, AND ANY BENEFIT I MAY BE ABLE TO PROVIDE IN SECURING THEIR SUCCESS IN FUTURE ENDEAVORS. INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO UNDERSTANDING, TOLERENCE, AND APPRECIATION FOR {Indigenous Cultures}, and in particular preservation of Language and Spiritual significance

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