WAS Honored to meet and speak with ‘One of the Greatest Generation’ Today

Today was an exceptionally ‘Blessed’ day for me at the Pace facility. Despite a “rocky start” ( didn’t wake in time for ride pickup at 8am, so called an arrived late morning ), I noticed a very distinguished man whom I had not seen before. He had a World War II Veteran Cap on with Purple Heart & Distinguished Service, European Campaign, including Operation Overlord {D-Day}, and Battle of the Buldge, not to mention 3rd Armor Campaign and successful crossing of the River Singh[sic]. which is commonly considered to be a vital among many Allied Victory leading to the ultimate and more timely end of the war.

In light of the fact that “this was his first day” at the facility, I feel especially honored and blessed to have been able to converse with him and thank him for his great service. He is a dynamic and exceedingly gracious man whom I look forward to speaking with and learning from.

In honor of my newfound ‘Brother, and Elder-i offer the following “quote” from Franklin Delano Roosevelt;

“Grant us a common fate that man shall know bread and peace. That he shall know justice and righteousness, freedom and security, an equal opportunity and an equal chance to do his best not only in our own lands, but throughout the world.”


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